Six More Family Friendly Games to Choose From!

family friendly

Here are some more family friendly games to choose from! You can never have enough considering how long children take to grow up… and let’s face it, do we ever really grow up? Let us know if you have a favourite family friendly game of your own! Katamari Forever 8.1/10 (User Score) on Metacritic  Available On: PS3 In the third […]

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Is Harry Potter Go a Go?

Harry Potter Go

Are our Harry Potter Go dreams coming true? According to GameNGuide we may be getting a Harry Potter Go. Here is the fan-made teaser for a potential Harry Potter Go game that people are now demanding. Niantic and the game developer of Pokemon Go are potentially going to run with it! Exciting, eh? The fan made trailer imagined a game where people could […]

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Six Family Friendly Games to Check Out!

Six Family Friendly Games

An issue I have with xBox and PlayStation is how family friendly games seem to be a bit more difficult to find. I have seen some young kids get games like Fallout because their family does not realise what games are out there that are more appropriate for their age group. Check out these six family friendly games! Viva Piñata 8.0/10 […]

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Batman: The Telltale Series Coming Soon!

Batman The Telltale Series

There’s great news for you Batman addicts out there and it goes by the name of Batman: The Telltale Series Batman : The telltale Series is to be “gritty and violent”. Your choices will influence Batman and Bruce Wayne as the game progresses. According to the Telltale webpage you get to “enter the psyche of Bruce Wayne and discover the powerful […]

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Neko Atsume – Kitty Collector: Collect all of the Cats!

Neko Atsume

Have you ever wanted to collect cats? Queue crazy cat lady sim Neko Atsume You have one, but you just want another? Eventually you look around your house and you realise you have 30 cats? Well now you can collect virtual cats on your Android or iPhone for free with Neko Atsume!   Neko Atsume allows you to collect one […]

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Did You Ever Want to be a Cat? Here’s a Couple of Cat Games that will Let You be Just That!

cat games

Cat games are out there. And they want to be loved You know what I love? Cats. I love their little faces, their paws, their meows and their ability to be complete douche bags without getting in any trouble. They really do have us wrapped around their little finger. Sometimes I even wish I was one, proven by my roommates […]

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