Did You Ever Want to be a Cat? Here’s a Couple of Cat Games that will Let You be Just That!

Cat games are out there. And they want to be loved

You know what I love? Cats. I love their little faces, their paws, their meows and their ability to be complete douche bags without getting in any trouble. They really do have us wrapped around their little finger. Sometimes I even wish I was one, proven by my roommates catching me as I meow at my sweet Chester. See her sweet little face below!  I wish I could have her life…

Worlds best kitty

Which brings me to tell you about the first game that will allow you to be a cat!

Catlateral Damage – A Chance to be an Obnoxious, House Wrecking Cat!

Lucky for me, and my cat obsession, I was made aware of a game called Catlateral Damage. You can play as a douche bag cat in this first person cat simulator.

It’s actually based on a real life cat named Nippy. In the game you walk, look around, jump, crouch and use your paws as weapons of mass destruction! (I may be exaggerating slightly about the whole weapons of mass destruction thing.) You want to knock as many of your owner’s possessions on the floor as possible before they get back. The game is available on Steam and PS4.

Check out the website for Catlateral Damage and witness the funny, silly trailer for yourselves!

Now for the second game!

HK – A Third-person Solo Adventure Game

The game is currently titled HK and much to my dismay, this game is not out yet. One of my coworkers posted this article written by Derrick Rossignol from Nerdist.com on my Facebook wall. HK is going to be a third-person solo adventure game that takes place in a dystopian city. The development team is made up of two humans and two cats. (I’m sure the cats are excellent to collaborate with about what they may or may not do in certain situations). They’re still in the pre-production and research & development stages. This gem may not be out for another few years. I will be waiting impatiently I can promise you that.

I read the Q&A and it says it will be coming out on “PC and maybe the PS4/xBox1/CPC6128/Atari2600”. They also said virtual hugs would be a “big boost” for them. Please send them many virtual hugs so they can release this potential beauty into our lives!

Check out this link to the development blog to keep a close eye on where this game is going!



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