Is Harry Potter Go a Go?

Are our Harry Potter Go dreams coming true?

According to GameNGuide we may be getting a Harry Potter Go. Here is the fan-made teaser for a potential Harry Potter Go game that people are now demanding. Niantic and the game developer of Pokemon Go are potentially going to run with it! Exciting, eh?

The fan made trailer imagined a game where people could hunt and capture fantastic beasts, choose their Hogwarts house and collect magic cards in different places spread across the globe. Eonline has suggested the game can even include wizard duels with your friends, searches for the seven Horcruxes and for other magical items.

The University Herald  has reported that Niantic has obtained the rights for the Harry Potter Go game. The senior developer at Niantic, Marcus Figueroa, has hinted at an early 2017 release date. Can you imagine interacting with your everyday world like  you were living in the Potter universe?

Now what about this Maguss business I’m hearing about?

There are rumours identifying “Maguss” as the development title for the Harry Potter Go game. Engadget has shot down these rumours. Maguss is simply a game that can identify with Harry Potter fans. Maguss is being developed through the help of Kick Starter campaigns. While the developer of Maguss, Onderj Tokar, is not making the game within the Harry Potter universe he is willing to pair up with Warner Bros to turn it into just that. So who knows? If Warner Bros takes the bait maybe Maguss will turn into Harry Potter Go.

Niantic is keeping any potential Harry Potter Go information under tight wraps so who knows what will happen. If you want to encourage its development feel free to sign this petition for its development!


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