Neko Atsume – Kitty Collector: Collect all of the Cats!

Have you ever wanted to collect cats? Queue crazy cat lady sim Neko Atsume

You have one, but you just want another? Eventually you look around your house and you realise you have 30 cats? Well now you can collect virtual cats on your Android or iPhone for free with Neko Atsume!


Neko Atsume allows you to collect one cat after another by leaving out different “Goodies”. Cats will come and play with the goodies and leave you silver and gold fish as thank you gifts. You can use them to buy more food and new goodies to attract more kitties. Certain goodies and food combinations will attract “special” cats. For example, there is a cowboy hat goodie that will attract Billy the Kitten.

It’s not a game where you play with the cats, you just set up your yard and the cats come, you look at them, refill their dish and go on your way. The app includes a catbook section where you can view information about the cats that visit your yard. It will include their personality type, how many times they visited, their top 3 goodies and a link to their photo album. (Yes, you can take pictures in game of the cats as they visit!)

The cats will also leave mementos on occasion and you can view the memento they gave you under their little profiles. The cat book also tells you their power level, which just tells you that cat’s position in the games cat hierarchy. So if Cat A has a higher level than Cat B, Cat A can kick Cat B off whatever goodie they are playing with.

Free game? There must be ads everywhere!

Not for Neko Atsume! Ads appear when you press the menu option in the top left hand corner. A little square box of options will appear (Cats, Shop, Goodies, etc.) and occasionally a cat will appear on the top right hand corner of this box with something it its mouth. If you press the cat it asks if you’d like to see the ad that the cat has brought you. It’s the most unobtrusive version of advertisement I’ve seen in an app.

Personally, I love this game. It gives me something to mess around with for 5 minutes while waiting in line. Give it a try so you can enjoy it as well!

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