Gaming Anniversaries October 27- Dynamite Duke

Dynamite Duke

Released October 27, 1990- Dynamite Duke

Dynamite Duke sniped the Japanese market on this day in 1990. For the Sega Mega Drive!

I’ll be honest, a whole lot of games released on this day 27 years ago. Many of them seem much better than this one, but it’s clear that many folks would be writing about these commonly known games. I decided to go against the grain and write about one I hadn’t even heard of until just recently. Dynamite Duke. The game is actually pretty fun and rather interesting.

As the story goes, a master scientist has formed a secret weapon that can create wave after wave of evil mutant soldiers. His ultimate goal is to overrun the earth and take it over! Therefore, it’s up to none other than Dynamite Duke with his cybernetic arm and trusty machine gun, to stop him!

The game originally came out in arcades, so it follows an over the shoulder on-rails progression system like many others at the time. The game auto scrolls across several levels with you playing as Duke and basically shooting everything in sight. Save for bosses, which are usually a fist fight between them and Duke. Dynamite Duke is really a true port of the original arcade release. The game can get very difficult very quickly, however, skilled players can probably beat the game is about half an hour.

So if you want to try out something a little different or just want an arcade feel on your retro gaming today. Give Dynamite Duke a shot! Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below!

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