When Do You Find Time To Play Video Games?

time to play video games

As an adult with a full-time job and a family to take care of, when is game time?

As a kid, I always imagined how great it would be to not have to go to school, do homework or have any responsibilities. The pipe dream to have an unlimited amount of time to play video games, build models, and work on projects that I always wanted to do. Wouldn’t that have been great? Unfortunately, that dream was exactly that. A pipe dream.

Now in my 30’s, I have never experienced such freedom. Never in my adult life. And getting older actually seems to mean there is even less time to play video games.

We have full-time jobs and families, sick kids or pets, and even further education we have to complete in order to be successful in our careers and maintain the life we’ve worked so hard to build. Despite having such a large video game collection, there is simply not enough time to play video games.

Find time to play video games is a first-world problem. For real.

Reading this, you might think I’m complaining about it. However, I know just how blessed I am that I have these problems. Even though I just want to go home sometimes and pop a cartridge into the NES, losing myself for a few hours and forgetting the world. Those short times I can find time to play are just as important as those times I kiss my wife and tell her I love her before I leave for work in the morning.

As a kid, I had way more time to play video games than I do now.

It’s all about finding a balance. Ultimately what that balance looks like is totally up to you. Occasionally I can squeak a few hours of game time after work or on weekends and most times that feels like plenty. Sometimes though, you just want to get absorbed and forget about your responsibilities. Just as imagined when I was a child.

So, if you have any ideas about finding some time to play video games, let us know in the comments or join us on our social media channels and we can talk about it!

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