Gaming Anniversaries March 22- Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy

Released March 22, 1987- Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy amazed the Japanese market on this day in 1987. For the Sega Master System!

Wonder Boy is a unique game on the Master System. It’s also one of the absolute best. Sadly, because the console was, for the most part, overlooked in the North American region, the game never really gained the popularity that it certainly should have.

In Wonder Boy, players take on the role of Tom-Tom as he is enjoying his day with his girlfriend Tanya, when suddenly, she is kidnapped. It’s now up to Tom-Tom top find out why, and stop all the kidnapper’s minions along the way.

To that end, the game is a simple platformer. However, it’s certainly on the difficult side. Tom-Tom can jump, run and take out enemies with his hatchet throwing skills. Moreover, an occasional skateboard will appear in the level making for either much more difficult or much easier play, as while riding the skateboard, you cannot slow down.

The game consists of ten levels ranging from the bright and colorful forest to the deepest darkest caves, with a nice arrangement of enemies and catchy music to boot, making Wonder Boy, a fan favorite for those that own the Master System.

For those that didn’t own a Master System, the game actually came out on other platforms. Sort of. Wonder Boy is, in essence, the same game as the ones in the Adventure Island series. So even if you just have an NES, you can still play some version of it, however, there are some differences I won’t get into here.

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