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Gaming Anniversaries March 27- Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap

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Released March 27, 1992- Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap

Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap slashed the Japanese market on this day in 92′. For the Sega GameGear!

Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap is a direct sequel to Wonder Boy in Monster Land. The game stars our hero Tom-Tom but this time, there is no direct sequence of gameplay to follow. As long as Tom-Tom has his gear, he can go anywhere he likes!

In The Dragon’s Trap, Tom-Tom has been turned into a Lizard-Man. He must fight his way through the different levels and find the Salamander Cross to regain his original form! To that end, he must defeat various dragon bosses that will give him new abilities and forms. Such as a lion, a mouse, a piranha and even a hawk. He will learn new abilities like flight, swimming and even the ability to walk on ceilings. Making this game one of the most imaginative in the series.

Although the game feels like your standard platformer, there is a lot to be loved about it. Right from the basic actions to the more advanced techniques like those mentioned above. Moreover, there is a lot of exploration that must be done, and some key items to be found that are hidden through the levels to various degrees. Such as keys to unlock doors and gold to purchase new equipment making later areas easier. This all sounds like a lot, but luckily the game has a good password save feature, so you’re never really stuck.

Master System VS GameGear Vs The Nintendo Switch??

Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap also came out on the Sega Master System, so the one for the GameGear is a little different. There are some level tweaks and the prices of the shop items were changed, but don’t let that deter you. For a game on a handheld, it’s one to be loved.

The Dragons Trap just celebrated its recent release on the Nintendo Switch console as well. So if you’re looking for a new way to play with beautiful graphics and an intricate storyline in this day and age, that’s where to turn!


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