Gaming Anniversaries June 24- Shining Force The Sword of Hajya

Shining Force the Sword of Hajya

Released June 24, 1994- Shining Force The Sword of Hajya

Shining Force The Sword of Hajya hit the GameGear in the North American market on this day in 1994.


Commonly confused as Shining Force II, this GameGear game is actually a sequel to a Japan exclusive release known as Shining Force Gaiden. Subsequently, released as Shining Force Gaiden II in Japan.

The game takes place two months after the events of Gaiden. The story of Deanna and his companions continues, as soldiers of the Cypress army. They must protect the Sword of Hajya from the army of Iom as they defend the castle. The sword is later stolen, and the team must retrieve it. Shining Force the Sword of Hajya has released also on the Sega CD, this release included two new scenarios.

The game is a tactical role-playing game, played on a grid. Players could promote characters, use characters and resurrect fallen characters. Additionally, there were crude but good cutscenes to progress the story.

Shining Force The Sword of Hajya was released multiple times. Moreover, the game is currently available on the Virtual Console.


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