Gaming Anniversaries September 24- ICO


Released September 24, 2001- ICO

ICO came to the North American market on this day in 2001. For the PlayStation 2.

In ICO, you play as a boy with horns. Once his horns have grown large enough, the Elders of his village lock him away in an ancient castle to be sacrificed to prevent evil spirits from attacking.

However, due to a freak earthquake, ICO is freed and he meets a princess from another known as Yorda. ICO must now escape, with the help of Yorda from his fate. All the while defeating the spirits and creatures that entomb the castle. Further, after Yorda attempts to help him the Queen stops her and puts a spell on her. Leaving it up to him to save the princess in a twist of fate.

ICO is an action-platforming game unlike any other. Players will scale the castle, slip on bridges and defeat powerful enemies while progressing the story. Furthermore, the puzzle solving elements and other gameplay mechanics that may be surprising to other, left players enthralled.

The game received fantastic scores across the board. With an aggregate score on Metacritic of 90/100 and Japanese Famitsu magazine scoring it 30/40. It became a cult hit among gamers worldwide. Furthermore, it is considered to be the greatest video game of all time by some players across the world.

Have you ever played it? Why not give it a shot today. It is available on the PlayStation 2 and available for download and disk on the PlayStation 3!

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