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Gaming Anniversaries July 28- Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22

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Released July 28, 1995- Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22

Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22 fought its way to the Japanese market on this day in 1995. For the PlayStation.

Ultimate Battle 22 is another entry in the long list of Dragonball Z fighting games.

This one, much like the Super Nintendo releases is a 2D fighting game. Featuring characters from the series. 22 characters are available from the start with an additional 5 characters unlockable. Players could use a code to unlock them or simply meet conditions within the game to have them appear. However, using the code will also unlock a special cutscene in the opening of the game. The code will also change the title screen from Ultimate Battle 22 to Ultimate Battle 27.

There are two different meters displayed in the HUD during gameplay. One, much like other fighting games, will display health power. The other one is a Dragonball Z specialty, featuring a Ki meter. Players could power up their character to increase the Ki meter that depletes after using special moves. Characters can also fly upward and downward on screen, adding an additional element to gameplay.

In the Japanese market, Ultimate Battle 22 did fairly well. However, upon its North American release, it bombed. Hard. Mostly because it was released in the US in 2001 VS 1995 in the Japanese market.

If you’re interested in some of the gameplay, you can watch my review on YouTube!



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