Gaming Anniversaries August 31- Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

Released August 31, 1997- Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII dropped in North America on this day in 97′. For the Sony PlayStation.

Developed by Square Enix in 97, made huge waves in the North American market 20 years ago today.

The game was a fabulous mix of action, great storytelling, exploration, and adventure all mixed into one. The game quickly became a bit of a phenomenon in the video game world. Easily selling PlayStation consoles hand over fist.

Players take on the role of Cloud. As he attempts to save the world from the evil Shinra corporation. Who is draining the world’s energy by way of harvesting its “mako” to power its reactors. Cloud will join AVALANCHE and travel all over, befriending others and leading a charge to stop Shinra and save the planet!

The game is played in typical RPG fashion, however, along the storyline are some 3D gameplay elements and fantastic cutscenes. Which help set the game apart from other RPG’s of this era. Additionally, Square Enix has included some different elements to diversify the gameplay. What sold me on this game back in the day, was the snowboarding scene. While brief, I was a sucker for that genre.

Even if you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game before, anyone can get some enjoyment out of Final Fantasy VII. The game is probably still the most heavily teased and remastered game ever.


Still being milked as a huge cash cow to this day. Re-releases have even appeared on the PlayStation 4 as early as just a few years ago. The game is set for a complete remaster soon. If the “Rumors” spread by the publisher can be believed at this point.

In Japan, the game sold 2 million copies in its first 3 days on the market.  Furthermore, worldwide, the game topped over 10 million sales. earning itself dozens of awards and accolades.

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