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Gaming Anniversaries April 16- Ultima VII: The Black Gate

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Released for PC on April 16 1992. Ultima VII: The Black Gate

The seventh instalment of the Ultima series entitled “The Black Gate” was released today, April 16 in 1992.

This edition in the Ultima franchise received high praise from players and developers alike. Oft being considered one of the best entries in the series since Ultima II.

The Black Gate has the player facing off against many monsters trying to undermine the crown authority. One of the key changes being made to the series in Ultima : The Black Gate is the use of tiles being grouped closer together. Allowing for items to be stacked on top of each other. For instance, players may use items to stack items to form stairs.

The game is also the first in the series to be entirely mouse driven with optional shortcuts allowed to be mapped to the keyboard.

Incidentally, the Ultima VII is fully compatible on DOSBox.

Considering its a long weekend, the anniversary of Ultima VII comes at a great time. Its playable in many forms including a port to the Super Nintendo and the PlayStation Portable. There are so many options to play this game. Nothing should be stopping you.

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