Gaming Anniversaries May 5- Einhander


Released for PlayStation on May 5’th 1998. Einhander

Released on May 5’th 1998 for PlayStation in North America- Einhander.

Developed by Square originally in 1997 for the Japanese market, the game went on to create a large fan base amongst PlayStation users worldwide.

Einhander is a shoot-em-up on a “2.5D” plain. The game gives off a 3D look while locking players movement to 2-dimensional. Not unlike the gameplay found in Gradius. The game featured several different versions of the fighter. Including some that are in Secrets within the game.

The game received a great deal of praise upon release.  And is still popular today. And is currently available on eBay for around $80 for a loose copy. Making it one of the more expensive games on the system.


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