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Gaming Anniversaries May 13 – Gran Tourismo

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Released May 13’th, 1998. – Gran Tourismo

Released May 13’th 1998 for the Sony Playstation. Gran Tourismo.

Polyphony Digital’s Gran Tourismo series was born on this day in 1998 for the PlayStation to monstrous success.

The driving simulator featured AI drivers to compete against. As well as eleven tracks and as many as 140 cars to buy an unlock throughout the game. Gameplay was simple. Start your engines and drive the cars as well as you can in real life. The game teaches users how to play with a driving assist line across the road. Some finesse was required to get to just the right spot in order to gain a victory. In simulation mode, players were required to win races and unlock different levels of licenses.

Gran Tourismo quickly became to go to racing simulator game. The game enjoyed such a huge following that some fans even made themselves life-sized versions of the cars in their living rooms to play the game as realistically as possible. Still enjoying a major following today, with numerous different sequels on Sony platforms. The newest is set to come out on PS4 sometime this year.



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