Gaming Anniversaries August 18- Penguin Land

Penguin Land

Released August 18, 1987- Penguin Land

Penguin Land came to the Japanese market on this day in 1987. For the Sega Master System (Mark III)

Penguin Land is an arcade style puzzle game. Similar to games like Dig Dug. It is also known as “Thump Thump Penguin Land: The Great Outer Space Adventure”.

In the game, players are presumably stuck on a distant planet. You are Commander Overbite, and your mission is to bring all of the penguin eggs to the bottom of a frigid cavern. Along the way, players will encounter other creatures such as Polar bears known in the game as “Gangows” and Gameeks” which are presumably northern birds.

To bring each egg downward, players must find a safe path, tunneling through ice walls and avoid the aforementioned enemy creatu res. Upon reaching the bottom, Commander Overbite will be greeted by his Spaceship crew who will take the eggs to safety. Additionally, players must avoid traps, and avoid letting the egg fall too far down. Or else it will break.

The entire premise of the game sounds ridiculous, however, its cutesyness makes it quite fun. Try it for yourself to understand what I mean. For now, here is some gameplay!



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