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Top 10 Most Expensive GameBoy Games!

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A list of the most expensive GameBoy games!

For the most part collecting GameBoy games is a fairly cheap way to bulk up your retro game collection. But there are some GameBoy games that are crazy expensive. Below is a list of some of the most expensive GameBoy games that you may come across in your collecting travels. These are in no particular order.

Niv Bible and the 20 Lost Levels of Joshua (Wisdom Tree)

Like any other Bible related game (for this and other systems) this game was unlicensed and sold only in Christian Bookstores. If you manage to find a new copy of this Bible game it could potentially set you back about $7000. Luckily, if you really want this game, a loose copy sells for much cheaper in the range of about $300.



Resident Evil Gaiden (Capcom)

Resident Evil Gaiden is a different take on the Resident Evil that you may already know. It is a top down survival horror game and despite being loved by many fans of the series Gaiden never sold all that well. This allows for a sealed copy to command the high price of around $400. If you’re willing to get a loose copy with no manuals or a box you may be able to get it for about $80.



Cool World (OCEAN)

This game is based on the movie and comic series of the same title. Cool World is an action plat-former starring Frank Harris. The game can frequently be found online or at retro game shops but unfortunately, like all games on this list, it commands a high price. It could be around $100 for a loose copy or up to $300 for a complete copy.



Amazing Tater (Atlus)

Just looking at the title and knowing it’s an Atlus game is enough for it to scream “PLAY ME!” Unfortunately the opportunity to play it will come at a high cost as Atlus isn’t known for making a billion copy of their games, Amazing Tater being no exception. On the market today you’re looking at paying close to $350 for a loose copy or as much as $800 for a complete copy.


Spuds Adventure (Atlus)

C’mon Atlus, what was with the obsession with potatoes during the GameBoy era? This spiritual sequel to Amazing Tater follows the same rules for production. This means there is not many copies around + the fact it is an ATLUS game = a dauntingly high price. For a copy of Spuds Adventure you’ll be dishing out about $400 for a LOOSE copy. For a complete copy be prepared to take out a small loan of about $1000.



Trip World (SunSoft)

This is yet another gorgeous little plat-former from SunSoft that never saw the light of day in North America. It was only released in Japan and in Europe so this title commands a huge investment from those who want to purchase it. Finding a loose copy could set you back about $450, while finding a complete copy will set you back about $1500. That’s some big bucks.



Felix the Cat (Hudson Soft)

Felix the Cat is a platforming game based off the hit show about a cat with a magical bag of tricks. Unfortunately, the game seen only a moderate release and thus it demands a high cost. For a loose copy you would be pulling about $30 out of your magic bag. If you manage to pull a sealed copy out of it, you’re looking about spending $1200.




Metal Gear Solid (Konami)

Yes, there was indeed a version of Metal Gear Solid for the Nintendo GameBoy. It was a top down version of the PlayStation game with some new game-play mechanics and action game-play mixed in. Unfortunately for collectors, finding a copy can sometimes prove quite difficult. You will be looking to spend at least $75 on a loose copy and as much as $200 a complete copy.




Castlevania Legends (Konami)

Fans of Castlevania might remember the Legends game that came out on the Gameboy. Unfortunately if you don’t have the game any more, and you want to get that same nostalgic feeling, you will have to shell out about $100 for a loose copy and as much as $2200 for a complete copy. Wowza.




Shantae (Capcom)

No list of the most expensive GameBoy games would be complete without Shantae. Shantae was luckily re-released in North America via the  3DS Virtual Console store, but if you want to own a physical copy of this game for your GameBoy be prepared to spend at least $350 for a loose copy or even as much as $3000.



And there you have it! An incomplete list of some of the the most expensive GameBoy games!

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