Gaming Anniversaries January 17- Liquid Kids

Liquid Kids

Released January 17, 1992- Liquid Kids

Liquid Kids splashed into the Japanese market on this day in 1992. For the Turbo Grafx 16!

Liquid Kids is nothing like the title says. Or as it implies.

The game has players playing as Hipopo the Hippopotamus who in all honestly resembles more of a platypus type creature than anything else. Anyway, it’s an action platformer type game. Hipopo must fight his way through levels swarming with enemies in order to save his beloved girlfriend. Along the way, he will save other hippo’s, or platypus’ as it were.

You’re armed with a special ability, of course, you can shoot bubbles of water at enemies that instantly freeze them in their tracks. Once they’re frozen, Hipop can give them a kick to destroy them or leave them alone. If left alone after a few seconds, the enemies will thaw out as it were and continue along with their enemy related business.

Each level is skillful at tricking players into believing it’s gonna be easy. However, you’ll find that some floors will collapse beneath you, moving platforms will make it difficult to traverse and even occasionally a water-wheel will stand in your way. What’s more, after every two levels, you’ll face a boss.

Liquid Kids originally released in the arcades, and it shows. The PC Engine/ TurboGrafx 16 port is full of the obvious arcade type gameplay you’d come to expect. All in all thoiugh, it’s definitely worth giving a try. Especially if you’re a fan of the cutesy type games.

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