Gaming Anniversaries January 16- Ikaruga


Released January 16, 2003- Ikaruga

Ikaruga shot into the Japanese market on this day in 93′. For the Nintendo Gamecube!

Ikaruga is a vertical scrolling shoot-em-up. And it’s great at it. Moreover, its considered a sequel to Radiant Siulvergun on the Sega Saturn. So how couldn’t it be?

The game uses a two-color system. Players must switch between a black and white side of the ship. Black enemy bullets will do less damage to the black side and the white enemy bullets will do less to the white. In addition, your own black enemy bullets have the same effect on black colored ships and vice versa. This allows Ikaruga to be one the most strategy focused shooters of its day.

The game also uses a power-up system like in other shooting games. Collecting power-ups will increase health or damage, increase you’re bullet speed or even allow for a wide-spread shot. Collecting these power-ups is the key to beating Ikaruga, as it’s certainly no easy feat.

The game came out the same year just a few months later in the North American market. Critics praised its sound and visuals, however, just couldn’t agree on whether the game was actually good or not. It is certainly a different kind of shooter, but one that can be mastered with relative ease when you put your mind to it!

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