Gaming Anniversaries May 27’th- Dragon Warrior

Dragon Warrior

Released on May 27’th, 1986- Dragon Warrior

The famous Dragon Warrior series first started in Japan on this day in 1986.

On May 27’th of 1986, the Dragon Warrior series made its debut on the Famicom in Japan. To great success. This excellent RPG featured many of the same tropes from JRPG’s we still see in games today. The game was turn based and featured a rather intricate story. Additionally, it could be considered to be an early example of “open world” gameplay. The game’s only restriction over character movement in the storyline is the use of monsters. Some NPC’s will even warn the player that crossing a bridge may be a bad idea. However, the game does not technically restrict you from doing so.

The main objective in Dragon Warrior is to first save the princess, and then stop the evil Dragonlord from taking over the kingdom. Walking about a large map with many different towns reveals more of the story.

The game has since been released on a large number of different consoles, even seeing a release on mobile in 2004 with updated graphics. Fortunately for NES fans, Dragon Warrior is a very common and cheap game often found for less than $10. Go check it out if you haven’t already.

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