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5 Sega ads that made you rethink Nintendo!

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Here are a few Sega Ads that maybe made you a Sega kid!

It’s a debate as old as time. Sega with, its beautiful 16-bit graphics or Nintendo with it’s dated looking 8-bit graphics. Oh and NO Blast Processing! Whatever the hell that was. Advertising was the biggest factor in the battle between Sega and Nintendo.

Personally, I wanted all of the video-games. But one day in 1994, I saw this ad. That made me want to simply throw the NES into the trash and grab a Genesis. Canadians might remember a Tv show that came on around Christmas time called “Santa Calls” Well, I was called and much to my parent’s dismay, I just about demanded a Sega Genesis. Even though we had so many NES games piled around the TV, that thing was all I wanted. Here are 5 of the best Sega Attack ads that made you rethink your video game loyalties, drop whatever game you were playing, and rush out to Sega-land.

The Genesis ultimately became a very strong contender against the SNES as well. Unfortunately, it was the big N’s push for power that helped put the Genesis to the side. Nevertheless, Sega tried their hardest. Here are the best Sega Ads we could find on YouTube!

1- Genesis Does what Nintendon’t

2- Blast Processing

3- I heard you got a Genesis

4- Don’t bow to sales pressure

5- Sonic will fit in your tackle box. AND it comes free! 

Still, think you can justify your love for Nintendo after seeing all these ads?  Personally, any PS4 VS Xbox One ad couldn’t hold a candle to the creative attacks and mind warping the ads of the 90’s did to children everywhere. Maybe, somewhere out there, on a schoolyard that time forgot. This battle is still raging on. Which was your favorite?

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