Gaming Anniversaries September 18- Zero Wing

Released September 18, 1992- Zero Wing

Zero Wing flew into the Japanese market on this date in 92′. For the PC Engine. (Known as the TurboGrafx 16 in North America).

Zero Wing is a horizontal side-scrolling shooter. Like many other games. Developed by Toaplan C LTD and published by Naxat Soft. This game shares many similarities to other games in this genre, however, there are some key differences.

Players control “ZIG” an escape pod that launched after the main ship was attacked by enemy forces. The ZIG has no wings. Hence the name, Zero Wing. Clever devs.

The ZIG must maneuver its way through enemies, blasting and shooting in an effort to destroy the evil CATS which is responsible for attacking the main ship and plans to take over the world.

Like other games in the genre, power-ups are displayed on the screen and collectible by the player. Red power-ups will mean scatter-shot, green power-ups will mean homing-shots and blue power-ups are lasers. Where the game differs is that each power-up has 3 levels. Making for a stronger blaster or effect. Additionally, the ZIG is equipped with a traction beam to capture enemies. Allowing players to throw enemies at each other for huge damage.

Zero Wing also includes the famous meme  “All your base are belong to us”. This phrase appears specifically in the European version.

How was Zero Wing Received by Critics?

The game appeared on multiple systems. Including the Arcade, the Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis and of course the TurboGrafx 16/ PC-Engine. The game scored greatly among critics. Receiving high praise and scores in the high 90’s.

Give Zero Wing a try today. We know you won’t regret it.

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