Gaming Anniversaries November 14- Urban Champion

Released November 14, 1984- Urban Champion

Urban Champion Socked the Japanese market on this day in 84′! For the Nintendo Famicom!

Everyone knows Urban Champion. For some reason, Nintendo loves to tout the game around all over the place! Releasing it time and time again for every system imaginable. Ya know what though? We still haven’t seen an HD version. And that’s just a damn shame!

Of course, I’m joking, as Urban Champion is one of the simplest fighting games to ever exist. And it all started in 84′!

The game is very basic. Two rivals meet up in the street and punch at each other in order to knock them into an open manhole. Yes, this is a fighting game involving only punching. It’s sort of like the video game version of Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots. Still, it can be quite competitive. While the game only has punching mechanics, occasionally those above them in buildings may throw things like flower pots out the window. When either character gets hit, this leads to a clear advantage over the opponent. Meanwhile, when the police drive by, all parties are to look innocent! Unfortunately, to be played today, you do sort of have to forget all you know about fighting games. The slow pace of Urban Champion could be enough to drive any skilled fighting game player bananas!

Ultimately, the game went on to sell extraordinarily well for what it was. Even the 3D Classics Version on the Virtual Console received 5 stars by most players. This can mainly be attributed to its simple pick up and play mechanics and not requiring much skill. Making it one of the best games to start the kids off early in their E-Sports career!

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