Gaming Anniversaries August 19- Um Jammer Lammy

Released August 19, 1999- Um Jammer Lammy

Um Jammer Lammy beat its way into the North American market on this day in 1999. For the Sony PlayStation.

Um Jammer Lammy is a sequel to the phenomenal rhythm game Parappa the Rapper. This one runs things a little differently though. Players control Lammy, an amazing guitarist as she tries to get to her gigs in time. Along the way, Lammy is faced with obstacles. Planes will crash, buildings will burn and she even gets trapped in Hell! All of this for a chance to play alongside Master Onion.

Sadly, the US version didn’t get to see the Hell level, instead, we got a Japan idol island. Darn censors

Unlike Parrappa the Rapper, which is more focused on Lyrics, this one has players playing different guitar notes in quick timing. Lammy’s band, the MilkCans are relying on her for a good performance. To that end, she will be playing alongside seven masters, just like in Parrappa the Rapper. Match the timing and do even better for awesome solo scenes.

Um Jammer Lammy also includes a multiplayer mode to jam out with your friends. Making it one of the best rhythm games on the PlayStation at the time. It is a fantastic party game and it’s quick pace makes for addicting gameplay.

So, if you’re looking for a classic rhythm game, look no further than this one for all your classic rhythmic beats.


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