The Greatest Engrish in Gaming History!

There are some doozies out there.

Video games are developed all over the world. When a company wants to localise their game for a new market, they’ll either outsource or do it in house. However, English isn’t always the first language of those chosen to do it.  Leading to some absolutely hilarious mistakes or grammatical errors. Nowadays, this is less of a problem but it was a widespread issue in gaming’s history. Here are some of the best and greatest examples of “Engrish” in gaming history!

#10- Donald Land

McDonald’s fans everywhere would’ve noticed this. So why didn’t Data East?

#9- GhostBusters (NES)

Sadly, even the benevolent Activision let this one through.

#8- Metal Gear

Metal Gear brought us some of the most egregious examples of Engrish in video games. I feel asleep too…

#7-Persona 2

I wish I could positive think. I really really do.

#6-King of Fighters 94′


NEXT 5. We promise they’re funny

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