Gaming Anniversaries September 13- Super Mario Bros

Released September 13, 1985- Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros jumped into the Japanese market on this date in 85′! For the Nintendo Famicom!

Everyone knows Super Mario Bros. Even if you have never touched a game controller in your life. Somewhere, somehow you’ve heard of one of the most iconic video games ever.

Super Mario Bros first released in Japan, but in the North American market, it helped pull video games up by their boot straps and launch kids into a whole new world. The world known as the Mushroom Kingdom.

In Super Mario Bros, the protagonist, Mario, must save the Princess Peach. Who has been kidnapped by the Evil King Koopa, known as Bowser. In order to do so, Mario must jump his way through 8 different stages consisting of 4 levels each. For a total of 32 levels! Each area has different mechanics and enemies, making for ever changing gameplay. Some levels will have swimming mechanics while others will have fire and even large castles where the player will encounter Bowser, and drop him into a lava pit.

Additionally, there is an alternating 2-player mode, where players will take turns defeating levels with the second player playing as Mario’s brother, Luigi.

The game is renowned the world over as being a masterpiece. And for great reason. Super Mario Bros launched Nintendo into a world even they couldn’t have imagined. Bringing untold success to the company and spiralling into a series beloved by all.

The Mario series continues today, with the latest dropping Mario into a new world known as New Donk City. Super Mario Odyssey launches October 27, 2017, for the Nintendo Switch.

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