Gaming Anniversaries April 29-Star Wars: X-Wing VS Tie Fighter

Released on April 29, 1997- Star Wars: X-Wing VS Tie Fighter

Star Wars: X-Wing VS Tie Fighter was released on this day for Windows PC’s in North America.

Take control of an X-Wing and take down the Tie Fighters in an intense dogfighting game. Play on a Windows PC to fight with the rebels or for the Empire.  It required a Joystick to play and upon original release, as well it, did not include a story.

X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter featured a multiplayer mode with up to eight players. The game was the first Star Wars game that used enhanced texture graphics and many different improvements over previous entries. However, X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter is not considered a regular part of the X-Wing series of computer games.

Featuring as many as 50 different combat missions from the beginning. An expansion was later released that added to the game.


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