Gaming Anniversaries July 29- SoulCalibur IV

Released on July 29, 2008- SoulCalibur IV

SoulCalibur IV hit the North American Market on this day in 2008. For the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Soul Calibur IV continues with the traditional tales of Souls, Swords, and Grit.

Players will choose from an array of characters and fight head to head against either computer opponents or a friend on the couch! Each character has a wide array of moves, additionally, smaller characters are noticeably faster than a larger one. Further, some characters have swords that strike with vicious power. Sometimes causing a near one hit K.O. to their opponent.

All that, and most of the women in the game wore very scantily clad costumes. I’d like to know how they’d be protected with so little armor on! Perhaps attributing a little to its popularity. As sad as that may sound.

Soul Calibur IV features the regular roster of 27 characters with additional exclusive characters on either console. The PlayStation 3 version had Darth Vader as an additional playable while the Xbox 360 version had Yoda. Both versions of the game contained Darth Vaders Apprentice, bringing the total number of playable up from 27 to 29 on either system. With the addition of characters from the Star Wars universe comes the addition of more powers. The Star Wars playable characters add Force Powers, bringing an entirely new element to the game and proved difficult to defend against

Soul Calibur has long been a beloved series. Since its start on the Sega Dreamcast and Arcades in 1998, it has sold millions of copies worldwide. The series is still being produced today!

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