Is a SNES Classic Edition coming?

SNES Classic Edition

Please Nintendo, don’t tease us with a SNES Classic Edition!

A recent post today on Eurogamer indicates that their sources have leaked information on the SNES Classic Edition. These are the same sources that leaked information about the Nintendo Switch. So its likely to be true. 

SNES Classic EditionAccording to the source, the SNES Classic Edition is a major reason for Nintendo discontinuing production of the NES Classic Edition.  Last week, Nintendo announced the cease in production and the last shipments of the NES Classic edition. As well, they stated that the collectible was only intended for a very short run and they added additional shipments to quell the demand. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep up leaving many players unable to obtain the system.

No Surprise here, just excitement!

It should come as no surprise to fans that the SNES Classic will be coming after the major success of the NES Plug and Play. Reportedly, the new micorconsole will launch in time for Christmas. My guess would be around November to continue a trend with the NES Classic Edition. I can only hope that Nintendo releases a great deal more of these than the NES. As fans are even more rabid for the SNES than for the NES system.

SNES Classic Edition

The SNES Classic edition could be a way for Nintendo to redeem the shortfalls of the NES Classic Edition. They could increase the short controller length to the standard size of the SNES cord length for example. Perhaps add a wifi chip with access to the Super Nintendo Catalogue on the Virtual console? A guy can dream.

Come on Nintendo, don’t let us down again.

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