Gaming Anniversaries July 23- Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

Released July 23, 1993- Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

Shinobi III slashed the Japanese market on this day in 1993. For the Sega Genesis.

Just like other entries in the series, Shinobi III features the character, Joe Musashi. Players control Shinobi (Joe) through a series of side scrolling levels kicking and slashing enemies.

In this one, the third in the series, Gameplay is considerably improved. Enemies and attacks appear crisp and smooth and all actions take place without much slowdown. It also features a number of new techniques. Such as a dash kick and a running slash!. The game takes place over seven levels.

The game takes place over seven levels. As Neo-Zeed, an evil criminal organisation that Shinobi defeated in earlier games has come back. This time, headed by a man known as the Shadow Master. Joe Musashi has felt their return as he meditated on a mountaintop. He independently decides that it’s up to him to stop them. As he is the Shinobi.

Shinobi III features more types of level than its predecessors. Including a level where players will ride on horseback to take out enemy waves. Something that hasn’t been tried in other entries and it works quite well.

Overall, the game is great! Although it is a little easier than other games in the Shinobi series. This one has new attacks and changes up the Gameplay to make it a lot more interesting. it’s also slightly longer in play than others. I’d call it the second best Shinobi game. Right next to Shinobi II.

What was your favourite game in the series?



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