Gaming Anniversaries October 26- Shatterhand

Released October 26, 1991- Shatterhand

Shatterhand punched into the Japanese market on this day in 91′ For the Nintendo Famicom!

Shatterhand is a side-scrolling action game set in the year 2030. After an army of renegades known as the Metal Command has besieged the cities under the orders of the evil General Grover, a young police officer loses both of his arms. However, he is offered to have mechanical ones installed to replace them. In exchange for his services.  This was made possible thanks to the Law and Order Regulatory Division (L.O.R.D). Now, he is given the codename “Shatterhand” and must defeat the armies that are taking over and stop General Grover from causing any more havoc!

The game uses similar mechanics to others. However, there are some key differences. Such as the eight-way directional movement.  Additionally, the main weapons that Shatterhand uses are his own fists. As they are powerful enough now to stop enemy bullets and destroy enemies in his path. Furthermore, there are plenty of power-ups to collect. Such as simple coins and letter icons that will change the gameplay a little bit each time.

When collecting coins, the player can use them to purchase some power-ups on special platforms. The letters are power-ups in themselves, and differently, from other games, the player can punch them to create different power-ups. However, punching them too many times turns them into coins as well. As I’ve mentioned before, each icon will perform a different power -up. Some being stronger than others.

Differences in Versions

Interestingly, Shatterhand actually comes from a TV series in Japan. To that end, the Famicom version differs slightly. It also shares the same name as its series counterpart. Known in the region as “Super Rescue Solbrain!”. Moreover, the Japanese version contains some different levels. Such as “Area C” which is a carnival level in the Japanese version and has been changed into a Submarine level in the North American release. The North American version also saw some different character sprites and artwork, as well as the power-ups used, differed slightly.

Overall, Shatterhand is definitely a great play. However, the game is quite expensive to purchase now. Being that it was a late release in the NES library.

Have you played Shatterhand? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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