Did You Score a SNES Classic today?

Did you get in line or just able to grab a SNES Classic Edition in store?

Anecdotal evidence locally and from Twitter seem to suggest Nintendo stayed true to their promise.

Nintendo por8mised more SNES Classics on launch day than the NES Classic edition last year. And boy did that ring true. Of course, I still preordered one long ago and was able to walk in and pick it up this morning, but others have told me they qued up at Walmart and were able to buy as many as two systems. Provided they stand in line once again.

As of 10:00 NST, some store even still had them, suggesting there was no supply shortage this time around. If you’ll recall, one of the biggest complaints with the NES Classic Edition as the lack of stock on launch, with some Gamestop and EB Games locations only getting one 4 or five units with over a hundred people in line. Even the biggest toy and game stores didn’t get more than 10 at a time. Making for one of the most frustrating video game purchasing experiences ever on launch day.

With the high demand for the SNES Classic edition, and of course, it being the only place one can play the never before released StarFox 2, Nintendo assures its customers there will be plenty, and seemingly, they delivered.

Did you have any luck picking one up today? Let us know what your experience was in the comments!

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