Gaming Anniversaries April 19- Rocky

Released on April 19 1987- Rocky

The video game adaptation of the popular movie Rocky was released April 19 for the Sega Master System in Japan.

One the best boxing games of the 8-Bit Generation, especially for a console that wasn’t nearly as popular as the NES system. The game sports “The most eye popping graphics”. According to Computer Gaming World Magazine in 1988. Rocky features rounds consisting of 15 fights with increasing difficulty as well as two player mode to re enact your favorite fights with your friends.

The game plays in the same order as the film. First, you fight Appolo, next is Creed, Clubber Lang and finally Ivan Drago.

Additionally, players need to train Rocky before each fight.In order to keep up the strength needed to complete the challengers. This lead to much more lengthy game play than traditional fighters of the same era.

A sequel to the game (or spiritual successor), was released in 1991 for the Sega Master System as well. Entitled Heavy Weight Champs, that allowed players to choose new boxers and enhanced the graphics.

Rocky really is a great looking game for the console. Making the NES look bad in comparison.

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