RetroReview: Aquattack. ColecoVision Flashback

Aquattack appears to be one of the better games on the ColecoVision Flashback by AtGames. Actually, its pretty fun. You steer a boat that’s being bombarded by enemies on both sides of a river, and also from the air. Random bomb drops and bullets are always in your path.








Aquattack always adds stress to the player by way of fuel. Once you run our of fuel, you’re a sitting duck. Naturally that means game over. Luckily there are random fuel drops as well. Just can’t mistake those for bullets or enemies and you can keep going.








Aquattack also has a day and night element.

Unfortunately it really is the same looping game play over and over, but so are many other games that are considered greats. The soundtrack is ok too, although it can get a little grating after long play sessions. All in all this reviewer would consider Aquattack to be a staple in every ColecoVision collectors. The game play is simple yet challenging and diverse enough to continue playing, although after a while you may want to turn your TV down to truly enjoy it.

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