Retro VGS. And why you should be excited

The Retro VGS is coming. Here’s what we know! 

In 1996. Nintendo released the Nintendo 64. A fully 3D cartridge-based video game system that helped to shape how we play games today. The N64 even gave Sony’s PlayStation a run for its money in terms of support and popularity. Unfortunately much to the chagrin of cartridge based games everywhere. the Nintendo 64 was the last system to ever use the medium. On one hand, this helped pave the way for bigger, better, (slower) games on CD and DVD systems. Such as the Dream-cast, the PlayStation and the consoles we know and love today. Gone were the days of popping in a game and getting that instant gratification of seeing your title screen and being able to just pop right in. Replaced with long load times and seemingly endless updates. (Here’s looking at you PS3). \


Luckily, a group of old school believers in fun and consoles the way they were meant to be (simple game machines) have arisen. Meet the Retro VGS. The very first cartridge-based video game system since the N64 in 1996. The Retro VGS is made in the style of the Atari Jaguar, and it looks great. Plans are still being finalized for the system, and a kick starter will likely occur around June/July according to the companies official FaceBook page!

Cartridge design (prototype) for Retro VGS

Here’s what the company has announced so far.

Support from many great and classic publishers. The company even teased a Kid-Chameleon type game.

USB controller support, as well as (possibly) a 9-pin port for your classic controllers from other eras


ORIGINAL titles! Brand new games made only for the Retro VGS

A sleek and beautiful design modeled after the Atari Jaguar

Prototype console design for Retro VGS

a 2016 hopeful release. That makes it a full 20 years after the N64!

Support from all over the gaming industry, including industry veteran Steve Woita of Apple, Atari, Sega.

Steve Woita has announced his chip in the Retro VGS

Owen Rubin of Apple, and many others to sit on the industry advisory committee for Retro VGS

This will be the first console on the market for 20 years with original cartridge based games, made exclusively for this system. While all the details are still being finalized there is so much more to discover from just the prototypes and the information being slowly trickled through social media. We’re so excited to buy a new console that won’t require constant internet access, unfinsihed games and sacrificed playability for looks. Lets get back to the basics of gaming with this system. Keep your eyes on this one.

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