Gaming Anniversaries July 5- NiGHTS into Dreams

Released July 5, 1996- NiGHTS into Dreams

NiGHTS into Dreams came to the Sega Saturn in the Japanese market on this day in 1996.

NiGHTS into Dreams is a unique game just based on premise alone. The game follows the story of two kids. Elliot Edwards and Claris Sinclaire who both feel they have failed at something. Elliot is a basketball player who loses horribly in a match against some older kids and Claris is a singer who suffered stage fright in a big audition. That same night, the two go to sleep only to have nightmares, recounting the events of the day.  The pair escapes into Nightopia, to find they both have the “Ideya of Courage”.

They then find “Nights” who tells them of the evil Wizeman and his plans. It’s up to them to stop him and save Nightopia.

The game is split into several levels. Each one playing somewhat like Sonic the Hedgehog. It was however unique in that instead of rings and chaos emeralds, the game had you retrieving one of your “Ideyas” known as hope, wisdom etc. Additionally, there are flying levels and other game types the player must get through. At the end of each level, there is a boss.

NiGHTS into Dreams is a very fun and interesting game. Moreover, it has aged quite nicely. If you can find a copy, I recommend giving it a shot today!

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