The NES Classic Edition is memories that will fit in your pocket.

The NES classic edition is big play without the big pay.

If you’re at all interested in retro gaming  (if you’re here you must be at least a little) you would already know about the NES classic edition. The small form factor classic Nintendo micro-console.

It packs a pretty big punch, with only a light tap to the wallet. Coming in at just under $60. Additional controllers cost just $9.99, they work with the Wii and WiiU. As well as having 30 totally good, totally classic gems from the NES library.

Completely unlike other “Flashback” style systems such as the ones created by ATgames and often sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, the NES Classic Edition shows its a fairly well researched product. with all the trimmings right down to the box art.

The list of games included is somewhat staggering considering the small price tag. If one were to add up $5 a piece via the virtual console its a savings of about $100. Comparing all games with the average eBay price its significantly more. Considering MegaMan 2 easily sells loose for about $35 in itself.

Still no news on when preorders will be open, but be assured you’re gonna want to jump on this immediately. It releases just in time for the holidays on November 11 and Nintendo has a history of underestimating the demand for popular products, so leaving it to the last minute could be detrimental to your holiday fun.

You can see the full list of games right HERE


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