The National Museum of Play inducted a few new members.

And they’re all pretty heavy hitters.

The Strong “National Museum of Play” in Rochester, also known as the Video Game Hall of Fame. Inducted a few new members to its ranks recently.

With games spanning about 20 years, the museum decided to honor the games Donkey Kong (1981), Street Fighter II (1991), Pokemon Red and Blue ( 1996) and Halo Combat Evolved (2001). All of these titles feel like they should’ve been in the museum, to begin with. Especially Donkey Kong. I mean C’mon. It was these choices however that beat out other heavy hitters in gaming including games like Final Fantasy VII and even Microsoft Solitaire. Yes, even Solitaire is not yet inducted.

Not being welcomed into the National Museum of Play in any particular year doesn’t really matter of course. The museum brings in a few new games every year that it believes to have helped shape the industry and the face of video gaming as a whole. It measures its choices against the length of popularity in the market. As well as what it did differently compared to other games. Which is why so few choices appear.

I for one feel these are some great, yet obvious choices for new inductees. Here’s to next year when some more favorites are chosen to be added!

For now, you can check out the National Museum of Play if you’re so inclined by visiting. The Museum of Play website


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