Gaming Anniversaries October 7- Mr. Nutz

Released October 7, 1994- Mr. Nutz

Mr. Nutz made the Japanese market a little squirrelly on this day in 94. For the Nintendo Super Famicom!

Mr. Nutz is a platforming game similar to Super Mario Bros.

The objective is to stop the evil Mr. Yeti from freezing the entire world. To that end, you will traverse many different kinds of areas, from the Forest to Volcanoes and even the home of an evil witch! Nutz can travel using his squirrelly little legs and jump, swim, climb and even move things around the world. The game uses simple platforming mechanics and even mixes in the occasional puzzle or two to keep players entertained.

The game made its way to multiple systems. The Super Famicom is just one of those. It was released on the Sega Genesis and the Gameboy and even had a GameBoy Advance port in 2001. Mr. Nutz even reviewed highly amongst many critics. With the average score being 86%. Many would acclaim it for its graphics, in that it felt as though you were playing a storybook. Additionally, its controls were considered excellent and tight. Nutz would do exactly what you expect him to do. Which in itself are little nuts?

Overall, Mr. Nutz is not a game you should overlook. Have you played it? let us know in the comments below!


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