Gaming Anniversaries June 2- Lord of the Sword

Released June 2, 1988- Lord of the Sword

Coming to the Sega Master System on June 2’nd 1988 for the Japanese market was Lord of the Sword

A side-scrolling action game like many of this era. The game features a character named Landau, who in an effort to stop the lawlessness of his country, must pass three tests.

Landau must find a magical tree called the “Tree of Marill”, subdue an evil goblin and finally, lay waste to the Statue of Evil. As the story goes, The evil demon lord Ra Goan has spread terror through the land of Baljinya as the legends have told he has done one thousand years before. Landau must pass the three tests of courage and defeat him to return the land to prosperity.

The gameplay is fairly fluid and the graphics are quite nice, albeit a tad on the dark side. That said, one of the biggest problems in the game is its lack of backgrounds. While some areas have nice vibrant areas, some are a simple black, while not uncommon for the time, the Master System was capable of so much more. Additionally, Lord of the Sword suffers from some terrible looping sound work. The music of the game is very basic and unmemorable despite there mostly being only one track in the game.

While an interesting concept, the game did not review favorably. Receiving an average score of about 50%. Sadly, the game did not make it out on any other system.

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