Gaming Anniversaries January 3- Kid Dracula

Released January 3, 1993- Kid Dracula

Kid Dracula bit into the Japanese market on this day in 1993. For the Nintendo Gameboy.

Some of you might remember the Kid Dracula that came out on the Famicom. It’s a real shame it didn’t make it on the NES in North America because it’s an absolutely fantastic game. however, we did see the port on the Gameboy, with a couple of small changes a few years later. To that end, the Gameboy game is both a sequel and a remake of that game.

Kid Dracula is a parody of the Castlevania series by Konami. Instead of playing a Vampire Hunter, you play as Kid. Who is a child version of Dracula himself as he tries to stop the evil Galamoth from taking over his castle.

Kid Dracula awakens to find most of his minions are under control of Glamoth. Additionally, it seems he’s lost most of his powers. He must fend off his foes and face tough bosses along the way. in the NES game, the first boss was Zombie ghosts. That is, they were ghosts dressed in sheets with swastikas on their heads. This is one of the small changes they made in the Gameboy version, presumably for the US audience, as now, the ghosts are just ghosts. Kid will collect his powers by beating bosses and use specific ones in order to traverse a level. Moreover, he must collect coins to earn more lives at the end of the levels.

Sadly, the Gameboy version replaces the Famicom version minigames with simple cutscenes. However, the cutscenes will unlock new powers. Such as the Bat-Attack force which helps eliminates enemies.

Overall, while Kid Dracula on the Gameboy is a little less than what it was on the NES, the game is still worth giving a try today.

Have you played either version? let us know in the comments down below!

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