Gaming Anniversaries June 29- Kickle Cubicle

Released June 29, 1990- Kickle Cubicle

Kickle Cubicle kicked its way to the Famicom in Japan on this day in 1990.

Kickle Cubicle, a game produced by Irem Corp, is a fabulously fun game on the NES. It’s a sliding action puzzle titles sort of like Adventures of Lolo. The game’s plot is cute and fun. Kickle the protagonist wakes up one day. Only to find that his home “The Fantasy Kingdom” has become frozen by the Wizard King. Moreover, the king trapped all the people into things known as “Dream Bags” and Kickle was the only one who was spared this fate. He must save the kingdom by using his special power “Ice Breath” and turn
all of the Wizard King’s henchmen into ice.

The game has four “lands” of play in the Fantasy Kingdom, each one has a boss at the end. After completing these four lands, this unlocks 30 additional levels of play. To that end, The player will control Kickle through the puzzle levels, taking out the deadly enemies trying to kill him and collect the Red Dream bags in each level. To that end, Kickle can kick ice blocks and freeze the enemies with his Ice Breath in order to create pathways to these Dream Bags. Kickles main defensive move is to create an ice pillar in front of him to prevent enemies from getting close.

Kickle Cubicle is great fun. Even though it didn’t sell all that well as it was so late to the party on release, it should not be overlooked.

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