Gaming Anniversaries January 22- Kendo Rage

Released January 22, 1993- Kendo Rage

Kendo Rage swung into the Japanese market on this day in 1992. For the Super Famicom!

In Kendo Rage, you play the role of Josephine. A young girl who is attending Honest Osaki’s Kendo School and Used Car Sales in order to learn Kendo Swordsmanship. Her instructor, Old Man Osashi also teaches his students psychic abilities. This allows them to better plan their moves against evildoers. However, Josephine is special. She’s been entrusted with the talisman of Zopikki. An ancient artifact that transforms her into a battle warrior! To that end, Josephine adorns the talisman and sets off to defeat ghosts, pandas and a wide array of other strange creatures looking to cause trouble.

The game is a standard action game with some key features that set it apart. Josephine can move up, down, left or right and attack monsters as they come. Additionally, Josephine has strong psychic powers that can be used to launch vicious attacks against her enemies. However, it does deplete and recharge gradually over time. Therefore, players must plan their attacks accordingly. Furthermore, Josephine can summon a flame wall to protect her, at a cost of some of this energy. The game lasts just 7 levels with a boss at the end of each. But don’t be fooled, it can be very difficult.

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