Gaming Anniversaries September 17- Great Greed

Released September 17, 1992- Great Greed

Great Greed zapped into the Japanese market on this date in 92′. For the Nintendo Gameboy.

Great Greed, known as Vitamin Kingdom Story in Japan. Is truly unique Developed by Namco for the Gameboy in 92′ the game is truly unlike any other.

In the game, players will take on the role of a player named character (Known also as Sierra Sam). who is zapped into a strange world by a creature known as Microwave. Yes, Microwave. Once in the world, you must help defeat the evil called “Bio-Haz” and save the world from total destruction.

The world you’re in isn’t unlike the one you know. However, everyone in it seems to be named after different foods. Which is the common theme throughout the game. Additionally, all the enemies are strange mutated vegetables.

The game is unlike other RPGs mainly due to its battle system. In battles, players won’t choose any menu’s to perform an action. Instead, each action is mapped to a button. A being attack and B being defend. The Start button will act as a Run button and the D-Pad are hotkeys mapped to different spells the player can perform. Remembering what button does what is the biggest challenge of Great Greed. Furthermore, the game plays in an “Active battle” format. So each move you make must be made quickly, or the enemy will get another chance before you do.

The game does utilize an auto-save system using a battery backup. So, after every successful battle, the game will automatically save itself. Which in turn, saves you from having to save. Get it?

As if all this wasn’t enough to entice you to play this strange and unique game, it also has 4 different endings. Allowing for a good deal of replay value.

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