Gaming Anniversaries May 23’rd – L’Empereur

Released on May 23’rd, 1991 – L’Empereur

L’Empereur was released on May 23’rd, 1991 by Koei Games.

L’Empereur is an absolutely fascinating game. In this strategy game, you play as Napoleon Bonaparte and seemingly, his family. As you conquer all of Europe.

The game features four separate scenarios the player can choose. Each one takes place in the 18’th and 19’th century Europe.  Additionally, L’Empereur features a save game system so you never have to play the same one twice.

In the first scenario, Napoleon is Commander at Marseilles. Readying for the invasion of Italy in 1796. The second has Napoleon as Commander-In-Chief in St.Malo. The third has Napoleon as First Consul of France in 1802 and finally, the fourth has him as  Emperor which opens the game up to more playable characters.Including his family and stepsons.

Each turn in the game lasts one month and the years change over every January. Turns consist of managing the military as well as the affairs of the city associated with that turn.

The game did not review well in it’s time, with some scores being as low as 1.5 out of 5. Many outlets described the game as historically inaccurate and plodding. Fans of strategy games shouldn’t overlook it though. The game plays well and even recreates some key moments of the Napoleonic Era.

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