Gaming Anniversaries June 8- Thunder Force III

Released on June 8, 1990- Thunder Force III

A new entry in the famous series Thunder Force series came out on this day in 1990 for the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive.

Thunder Force III is a bit of a leap from the previous two entries in the Thunder Force series. They feature an overhead view while this one is a side scrolling shooter game. The game also takes place about 100 years after the last game, still in the same universe.

As the story goes, the “Galaxy Federation” has not been successful at fending off the Orn Empire and have unleashed a new weapon known as Styx. A small craft that’s designed to avoid detection by remote weapons system.

Thunder Force III is highly praised for its sound and gameplay. Due to the game’s success, a port released the same year for the Arcade under the name Thunder Force AC. Additionally, another port released for the Super Nintendo in 1991 under the name Thunder Spirits.


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