Gaming Anniversaries June 14- Tetris

Released June 14, 1989- Tetris

Tetris graced the Nintendo GameBoy on this day in 1989. For the Japanese Market.

Everyone knows Tetris, the iconic video game synonymous with the Nintendo Gameboy. Therefore, today we celebrate its 28’th anniversary.

This block dropping heart-stopping game gained huge fanfare upon release and it’s only gotten bigger. Tetris is the puzzle game to beat and no other game can come close. There are many fantastic puzzle games. Yet, none can come close to Tetris.

In Tetris, players choose either a Type A game or Type B game. Type A starts the player with a clean slate, dropping blocks and clearing lines in an effort to increase the level, and get as high a score as possible. Type B involves starting with a mess of minos on the bottom of the screen and requires the player to clear them as well as a number of lines to gain score and level. Moreover, the GameBoy version of the game included a 2-player mode. Playable by Link cable. In this mode, players go head to head, clearing lines will cause the stack of mino’s on an opponent’s screen to rise, adding to the difficulty. The fast paced addicting gameplay led to huge success. In 1990, celebrities and even the president played the game on their Gameboy to reduce stress.

The game is still produced today, with an edition of the game on almost every console to date.


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