Gaming Anniversaries July 26- Stack Up

Released July 26, 1985- Stack Up

Stack Up hit the Japanese market on this day in 1985. For the Nintendo Famicom.

Stack Up is a game to be played with the R.O.B. accessory. One of only two games that poor R.O.B. can play. Players will set up the Robot to help them stack blocks using on screen controls. As the player controls Hector on screen, R.O.B. will stack the blocks in person. Albeit very slowly.

In addition, there are several modes included in Stack Up. The normal mode, blocks must be stacked as quickly as possible in a specific pattern and sequence. In the “Memory”, you set a pattern and won’t know if it works until you hit “Run”. Finally, there is a bingo type game to play. Which will have users aligning different columns and rows to activate Bingo and produce more commands for R.O.B.

Ultimately, the goal in Stack up is to move as many colored blocks as possible, as fast as possible, without dropping them. Further, the game includes a “Test Mode” to confirm that R.O.B. can receive signals.

The game has become quite rare. Additionally, the blocks needed to play the game are very hard to find. Often fetching upwards of $200 online.


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