A game for Cat lovers! – Cat Quest coming soon!

Cat Quest releases very soon for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch!

Previously, Cat lovers simply had to enjoy games about petting cats, feeding cats or taking cats to the vet. Introducing Cat Quest! An actual RPG for Cat fans!

That opening sentence had way too many cats in it. Oh well, the game looks great all the same! Developed by PQube and GentleBros.

Cat Quest is a top-down RPG game where you control a cute little kitty cat. Engage in some vicious cat on cat combat as you venture to save the country of Felingard!

In this 2-D RPG, players will choose their kitty and partake in a Pawesome adventure across an open world continent. Raiding dungeons for loot and enjoying real-time combat! And of course, complete some quests and meet other cuddly denizens of Felingard.

The story is also quite interesting. Your sister has been kidnapped by an evil kitty known as Drakoth. Forcing you to come face to face with destiny as part of the long lost race of Dragonblood. The dragon slayers. You’re joined by several cat spirits and start your adventure to save your sister and subsequently, the entire world!

Cat Quest is a unique concept. Has any other RPG starred the main character as Cat? Petz Cats certainly wasn’t an RPG! Look forward to the game when it releases on almost everything this summer on August 8! For now, enjoy this cute cuddly trailer full of adventure and death and kitties!


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