gaming anniversaries August 12- Famicom Wars

Released August 12, 1988- Famicom Wars

Famicom Wars launched into the Japanese market on this day in 1988. For the Nintendo Famicom.

The very first entry in Nintendo’s “Wars” series launched as Famicom wars in Japan. Fans of the English speaking world wouldn’t learn of the series until 2001 with the launch of “Advance Wars on the Gameboy Advance.

The game has players playing as either the Blue Moon Army or the Red Star Army. Attempting to take out each others forces and capture cities to create more units. The objective in each stage is to conquer the enemies headquarters or to destroy remaining units. Players will be given a finite amount of funds to create additional units. However, upon destroying cities, will receive more to create further units. Famicom Wars contains 15 maps to play on. Each with their own set of challenges and terrain.

Upon release, the game was named one of the best simulation games and one of the greats Famicom games of all time. Additionally, further entries in the series received similar acclaim. There hasn’t been another entry in the “Wars” series since 2005. However, earlier entries are available via the Wii U Virtual Console.


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